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Behavioural Design by Ritual

Toolkit Unboxing & Dialogue with Experts


You are probably wondering: what are the words Rituals and Behavioural Design doing in the same sentence, leave alone a toolkit?

As behavioural designers we find it interesting that while rituals are easy to find in everyday life, their potency is hardly acknowledged in the world of business and organisations. 


Rituals are practices performed with intentionality, and consistently repeated with purpose and passion. When viewed through the lens of behavioural design, they reveal their power as tools for individuals and organisations seeking resilience, excellence and transformation. Join us as we unpack key insights about the power of ritual to transform human behaviour.

This toolkit is a primer for anyone who would like to understand and apply the principles of Rituals driven Behavioural Design in three contexts:

In the context of customer/ consumer engagement


Employee & team engagement

And finally at an individual level as well.

The session includes:


Unboxing the 'Rituals for Behavioural Design’ Toolkit, followed by brief walkthrough


Discussion with Experts about Rituals for Behavioural Design: why rituals are relevant for organisations and business leaders, how rituals can be used in various scenarios and situations, success & failure stories of rituals

Experts joining us:

Ram Gopalan

Executive Coach & Founder, Simply.Coach

Kasturi Angela Wilson

Group Chief Executive Officer, Hemas Holdings PLC, Sri Lanka

Parvathi Menon

Principal Learning Partner, Harvard Business Publishing

Your Hosts:


Hosted by Shalini Raghunathan and Param Venkataraman
(co-founders, 3 Big Things)

Date: Tue, Sep 26, 2023
Time: 7pm to 8pm India
Where: Online

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