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Behind every strategic business problem is a
human problem.

We are a Behavioural Design studio that helps organisations solve complex business problems. And it all begins with a simple question: what’s the human behaviour problem behind this business problem? It’s a shift, a reframing, that can reveal powerful insights, ideas, and solutions.
If you'd like to explore how 
Behavioural Design might help your organisation, you can reach us at:

Shalini Raghunathan


Param Venkataraman


What we can do for you

3 Big Things specialises in a Behavioural Design approach to:

Behavioural Insights

Uncovering latent and unarticulated needs, mental models and insights to reframe and solve complex problems from a human lens.

Product Innovation 

From identifying new product opportunities to conceptualising the new product, all the way to go-live, with a customer / consumer-backwards approach.

Customer Experience Innovation

Applying  behavioural insights to transform how customers & users engage with a brand or service. Designing meaningful experiences that translate into customer / user delight that are operationally and technologically viable and feasible.

Organisational Culture Transformation

Working with leadership teams to transform behaviours, emotions and beliefs associated with challenges in organisational culture,  into those that represent the desired goals and aspirations like innovation, collaboration, ownership etc. 

Employee Experience Design

Unpacking motivations, aspirations, barriers and needs of employees and stakeholders to help create experiences that are mutually fulfilling and effective for the organisation and the employees.

Upcoming Events

Behavioural Design by Ritual

Webinar: Walkthrough of Toolkit & Workbook

Hosts of the Webinar:

Date: Thu, Feb 01, 2024
Time: 6.30pm to 7.30pm India
Where: Online

Param Venkataraman

3 Big Things

Shalini Raghunathan

3 Big Things

Behavioural Design by Ritual: A Toolkit

Ritual is often understood to be practices in a religious context. We rarely acknowledge the presence of ritual in our daily lives, and even less so in the business world. In this toolkit we take a closer look at secular rituals - activities and practices that carry meaning, connect us to stories, remind us of intentions, mark milestones and punctuate the flow of life. 


Our world has never been more interconnected, and our actions have never held such profound consequences. In this increasingly complex context for examining and influencing human behaviour, disciplines like anthropology, psychology and behavioural science point to the power of Ritual to cause positive shifts.


"Param and I worked together on a range of topics- creating new features for products and solutions that address patient needs, raising the capability of the organisation in putting human centred thinking first  and even people policies and practices.


He always brings very different thinking  and  long term solution perspective to all his work.  Param was always very well read on the industry- new trends that in his view would soon  become order of the day. He has the courage of conviction to re frame problems to solve or to go back to the drawing board till there is clarity to the ‘ unmet need’. By definition then, the frame works and solutions he proposes are striking in their simplicity and clarity.  I enjoyed this the most about working with him.


The process itself afforded me the opportunity to step back from day to day and  creatively focus on the  very important question on what really are we trying to solve and what is the dynamic of the human behaviour at the root of it."

Archana Bhaskar

Chief Human Resources Officer, Dr. Reddy's Labs

Upcoming Events

Behavioural Design by Ritual

Toolkit Unboxing & Dialogue with Experts

Date: Tue, Sep 26, 2023
Time: 7pm to 8pm India
Where: Online

Experts joining us:

Ram Gopalan

Executive Coach & Founder, Simply.Coach

Kasturi Angela Wilson

Group Chief Executive Officer, Hemas Holdings PLC, Sri Lanka

Parvathi Menon

Principal Learning Partner, Harvard Business Publishing

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